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Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina

Genre:  Metal, Nu Metal, Deathcore, Hard Rock, Active Rock

Years Active: 2018-


Edsel Dope

Sahaj Ticotin

Pam Trepanier

James Paul Wisner

Shan Dan Horan

Mind Frame Productions

Joe Palladino

Wyatt Parish


Cultus Black is an aggressive, hard-hitting music project that some might label as a Cult. Drawing upon influences such as Slipknot and Motionless in White, these guys are an assault on the senses. As lead singer James Legion stalks stages in his ritualistic body paint, his bandmates attack the audience in colorless masks meant to signify their cult status. 


In the fall of 2017, then Motograter frontman James Legion formed the seed of what was to become Cultus Black. After spending years touring with Motograter and climbing the Billboard charts with tracks such as "Dorian", James felt it was time for a change. The idea sprang from conversations James had with Edsel Dope. The music industry needed a raw, powerful new entity that was more of a movement than a band. They wanted to do something theatrical and aggressive with great attention to songwriting. With all this in mind, James and company began writing new tracks that were indeed aggressive and ugly at times but always laced with melodic hooks to draw in listeners. James sought out the best musicians in the world. Cultus Black enlisted Sahaj Ticotin (Motley Crue, Starset, Dope, Sevendust) to co-write and produce a single for the band. In addition to this, Cultus also enlisted James Paul Wisner (Underoath, Hands like Houses, Paramore) to record their debut album... which will begin production in August of 2019. Cultus Black is a young band... but it is a young band with unlimited potential and the priceless benefit of being closely tied in with industry lifers. Join us, join the cult.

Band Members

James Legion - Vocals

Wade Harris - Guitar

Scott Tew - Guitar

Jake Tripp - Bass

Lee Hutt - Drums

Jonathan "Zero" Price - Percussion

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